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We would like to inform all the website visitors that we are soon going to launch PVC conduit pipes which are used for wiring which will be available in LMS, MMS and HMS range. For regular update please visit our website regularly. For further information you can mail us on our email id care@octra.co.in or call our customer care no. 9424877248 Thanks HDPE Pipes – OCTRA INTERNATIONAL

hdpe pipesHDPE is known for its large strength-to-density ratio. Engineered for gravity flow systems and also pumping mains a wide range of HDPE Pipe are available to meet specific requirements of customers. Proper raw materials with PE-63 grades are selected for production and these polyethylene’s’ are polymerized in controlled environment thus producing PE pipes of high quality products, superiority on nature.
The Polyethylene material used for the manufacture of pipeline systems are classified and dimensioned by long term performance under hydrostatic pressure in accordance with IS-4984:1995. The design basis used in IS-4984:1995 for Pressure rating (PN rating) of PE pipes in order to determine the minimum wall thickness for each diameter and PN rating provides for the steady and continuous application of the maximum allowable working pressure over an arbitrary period of 50 years.
The selection of the long term hydrostatic design stress value (HDS) is dependent on the specific grade of PE and the pipe material service temperature.

Available Range

At the present time HDPE pipes are available from 1″ to 2″ in 4 & 6 kg pressure in PE-63 Grade raw material

Dimensional Detail's

HDPE Specifications

Packing Details

All HDPE pipes are Rolled and per coil content as under

DN 32MM – 250 Mtrs Coil ( PN -6 KG)

DN 32MM – 500 Mtrs Coil ( PN -6 KG)  

DN 40MM – 500 Mtrs Coil ( PN -6 KG)  

DN 50MM – 500 Mtrs Coil ( PN – 4 KG)

ID 40MM – 500 Mtrs Coil ( PN – 4 KG)  

ID 50MM – 500 Mtrs Coil ( PN – 4 KG)  

DN 50MM- 500 Mtrs Coil ( PN -6 KG) 

DN 63MM – 500 Mtrs Coil ( PN -4 KG)  

DN 63MM – 500 Mtrs Coil ( PN -6 KG)


HDPE is resistant to many different solvents and has a wide variety of applications:

Swimming pool installation


Flood Irrigation (Suction & Delivery pipes in pump sets)

Sprinkler Irrigation (Crops, Lawns, Golf course, Gardens)

Drip irrigation(Plantations, Orchards, Nurseries),


Potable water supply

Water mains Distribution Service Pipes


Domestic Sewage System

Sanitary System

Distribution Petrochemical Industry Fertilizer Industry


Air-conditioning &

Refrigeration Water mains Extraction of Fumes Telecommunication, as conduits for OFC


Conduits for Cables


Surface & Rain water

Waste Water

Mains Sub-soil water


Stronger: resilient & longer lasting Light Weight: Easy to transport .

Easy Installation:
Installation of HDPE Pipes are easy comparison to COLUMN Pipe or GEI Pipes

Resistance : Optimum flow rates and low frictional loses, Excellent chemical & corrosion resistance

Low Maintenance:
Superior resistance to most of the chemicals & free from rusting, pitting, scaling and corrosion making the system almost maintenance free.

Long lasting:
hence saves replacement cost.